Dear friends,

Our family and I send you much gratitude for your wonderful thoughts for us at Den's death, and your hopes for the recovery of Den's elder daughter, Katie.

Welcome to the large and exciting literary world of Dennis Lynds.

Over some four decades, he's published more than 80 novels and won many mystery and literary awards, including the Edgar, which is awarded by the Mystery Writers of America.

Dennis has four new short stories on tap, either just out or coming soon!
The first is "The Kidnaping of Xiang Fei," by Michael Collins, in the star-studded anthology, Murder In Vegas, edited by Michael Connelly, and published in March, 2005. A Chinese exchange student at the University of Nevada Las Vegas disappears from a shopping mall. She had gone to buy emergency coffee for herself and her roommates, and never came back. Her fiancé hires Dan Fortune to find her since the police seem uninterested. In fact, they are convinced no kidnaping took. place. They insist Xiang Fei is simply on a junket going about her own business. At first Dan agrees, but then he talks to people, digs deeper, and finds more than he bargained for.
In November, 2004, again writing as Michael Collins, Dennis’s "Cross Of Gold" appeared in Sherlock Holmes: The Hidden Years, edited by Michael Kurland for St. Martins. In 1891, as everyone knows, the world’s first Consulting Detective fell to his death at Reichenbach Falls, together with his arch enemy Professor Moriarty. Or so the world thought until 1894 when the he suddenly reappeared in London. The story he told Watson was cursory at best, and speculation has continued to this day as to what the great detective might have been doing in those lost years. In "Cross Of Gold," Dan Fortune presents one possible answer based on some all-but-forgotten history of those violent days in America.
The Mammoth Book Of Roaring Twenties Whodunits, Edited by Mike Ashley for Robinson in England, and Carroll and Graf in the USA, appeared in July, 2004. Dennis’s contribution, "Someone," also by Collins. "Someone" tells the full story of why Dan’s policeman father abandoned his mother and Dan when he was a boy---and at the same time solves one of the most notorious unsolved crimes of the Twentieth Century. Free-wheeling flappers, speakeasies, "blind pigs," gamblers, playboys and gangsters people this exciting yarn of the days of Prohibition, wild spending, and the inevitable crash that followed.
Also in July, 2004, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine featured "Next Door Dave" by Michael Collins. Dan finds a young man hanging from a tree in a park. The police are certain it was a suicide, but the dead man’s girlfriend insists it isn’t. She hires Dan to investigate. What he finds is startling even to him.
Point Blank Press will begin reissuing Dennis’s novels in 2005, starting with the mammoth Dennis Lynds Reader which will contain the entire John Crowe Buena Costa County novel, Bloodwater, the Michael Collins short novel Resurrection, the Dennis Lynds short novel Talking To The World, and generous selection of both Michael Collins and Dennis Lynds short stories. On the schedule after that are all the Dan Fortune novels in double volumes, and selected novels of John Crowe, Mark Sadler, and William Arden starting with Here To Die by Sadler, and featuring critically acclaimed PI Paul Shaw.

"A novelist of power and quality.... His [work] hums with life and feeling... one of the major imaginative creations in the crime field."

— Ross Macdonald

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